Thursday, July 3, 2014


My sister Dawnette came up to Idaho with a group of people to go to the Civil Defense Caves and Ice Caves up passed Rexburg, ID. During my college days this was one of my favorite activities. I also brought my neighbors. We had a blast!

Ice Caves

First we drove in the middle of nowhere to a big hole in the ground.

Then we descended into the dark abyss. 
(By the way, this time around this SUCKED. It is usually Ice, but this time it was water clear back into the cave. We all got extremely wet. Not fun....but still worth it.

This is the "Crystal Room" Soooo beautiful!

There are sections where you slide. Fun.
(I don't know this guy)

It is 5 miles of crazy Dirt Roads and big puddles. Let's just say I had a lot of fun making my truck a beautiful piece of art :)

So Pretty from the inside

Once we were ready to leave the Ice caves we found out that both our trucks were dead. Thank goodness we had some dirt bikes to ride the 5 miles back to another parked truck at the main road. We would have been SOL if not.

Civil Defense Caves

The Civil Defense Caves are equally as fun if you know what to do: Hide and Go Seek!

These caves are just another hole in the ground but are much wider. You could fit a couple of trains in them. 

First thing, we came prepared. We brought PLENTY of glow sticks. Hundreds.

Then we cut them open and splattered them all over the cave walls, ceiling, and floor, and then all over ourselves. Once done it looked something like this.

And then we would lie on the floor or lean up against the walls and blend in. The last person found won.

P.S. Did I mention that these caves are LAVA TUBES! I love geology!

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