Saturday, October 10, 2015

Utah Apostles

I couldn't wait for conference this time around. Three new apostles! I was so excited! The Saturday morning session started and I was disappointed because they didn't announce the new apostles right away. I'll be honest, I didn't listen to the talks much because my mind was on the exciting announcement on the new leaders.

Finally in the Saturday afternoon session they announced the three new apostles. I was waiting for one of them to have a foreign name - It just seems logical with most of the church membership to be outside of the US. 

They announced the new members; very, very, American.  My heart sank, I was so disappointed.  I wanted someone like King David to be called, a young "inexperienced" man only known by God.  But all these men were already part of the General leadership of the church. 

Sometime that Saturday night the Spirit chastised me. He told me that I shouldn't have been concerned about WHO was being called, but that I should have been listening to the word of the Lord. I became repentant immediately,  realizing my error. It is Jesus Christ who offers the healing balm of sin and affliction. Everyone else in the the church is just doing His work.

I know they are all from Utah as well. But this just proves to me that this Church is ran by God and not by a committee of people wanting to do the politically correct thing. The world would have us be diverse (I hoped for the same thing), but the Lord does things His way, even if it's not popular.

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  1. Be sure and go online and listen to those wonderful Saturday Morning talks. Maybe it's because I prayed for answers and one talk particular was meant for me. Love you. By the way Elder Renlund is a transplant to Utah...