Monday, July 21, 2014

"The Fence"

Picture a prairie, a beautiful prairie. Tree's scattered about the field. It's perfect weather outside. 

Your favorite people are around you.

You are doing cartwheels in the grass.

This is where you exist.

You are happy.


You spend your days as you please. You can do whatever you would like. But there is one rule; Do not go over the fence.

One day you get curious and wander over to the fence. Not to go over it, but just to look whats going on over the other side.

What you see is beautiful, fun, and exciting. There are people jumping off of a rope swing into a pool of warm, blue, water. Oooooh that water looks so good and refreshing! What could be so bad about this? The people are having a grand ol' time. You hop on top of the fence...just to have somewhere to sit and watch.

The water entices you. It looks so nice. You slowly lower yourself off of the fence. You just want to feel the water, check the temperature. What could be so bad about putting your toe into the water?

You put your toe into the water.  Ahhhhh, So nice!

(Unbeknownst to you Satan is under the water in his scuba gear! Right when you put your toe in the water he slips a loop of fishing line around your big toe.)

That water feels so good! You'll just go in to your ankles, no further than your ankles.

Just to your knees, no further.

Your waist.

Your chest.

Your shoulders.

You just want to put your head under. That would be the icing on the cake. It would be so refreshing.

You take a breath and go under.

Just then, Satan pulls the line. He's got you! You can't get up for air. You struggle, you are drowning.

(Luckily, Jesus is under the water in His scuba gear with scissors. If you ask Him, He will cut the line.)

In your final moments you plead for Christ to cut the line. You swim for the top, breathe, then swim to shore.

So let me ask you this...When did Satan get you?


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