Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Family Reunion/Wedding

My niece Alecia got married, so my family saw it as a great opportunity to throw in a reunion at the same time. We rented a Cabin at Bear Lake. It had enough bedrooms for everyone, it was great. The only downside was that my brother Garrett was told 2 days before the reunion that he had to stay and work. We missed him.

My niece Emily, turned out to be a FANTASTIC tuber! She could stay on that tube forever. Finally we got her off, but it wasn't easy.

This is my nephew Tanner

 My Husband Logan, or superman

My nephew Josh

Nephew Tanner

My Sista Debi

My nephew Landon playing with my son Eli

This is right before Josh tips the entire thing over

Landon eating away (it's hard to get a picture of him)

Isn't the view gorgeous?

Mom, Dane, my brother Mark, Sister in law Erin, and Tanner

(Front Left) MinNette (Mom) Dane and Maci
(Middle Left) Madi, Jessie, Debi, Jace, Emily
(Back Left) Dayna (me), Eli, Logan, Josh, Tanner, Lee, John, Erin, Mark, Landon

My Niece Alecia taking her vows

My Brother Mark and Erin

My brother John :)

I woke up to this sunrise one Monday Morning

Josh woke uo to these oreo's, lovingly placed there by his cousin Emily

My Sister Debi is helping me with a photo shoot making the kids smile. I love her!

Cousins inspecting caterpillars

Eli LOVED playing in all the water and sand

My niece Maci

My nephew Jace taking my niece Jessie out for a float

My niece Hailey

Eli, Emily and Me

Madi and Emily

Debi Flying


More Family eatin' time

My Sister Dawnette at Alecias reception

At the cabin

My nephew Landon

Nancy and Dawnette holding their bunnies

Minnetonka Cave

My nieces Jessie and Madi


Hailey licking the Stalagmite

I love Rocks!

Beach fun

Dane petting his bunny

The trip was fantastic. On the way home we ended up getting a flat tire on the boat trailer. It was a testament to me that the Lord does watch out for us. We were at the only place for miles where we could have received help.  I know it wasn't by chance that we found the bad tire when we did, we would have been out of luck if it happened anywhere else.

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