Saturday, July 12, 2014

Drugs, Murder, and Religion = Happiness

Every choice we make, every single second of our lives, is dependent on one question: Will this make me happy?

I want to sleep in, because I'm too grumpy to get up; so sleeping in will make me happier. So I sleep in. 

On the other hand:

I want to sleep in, but I also need to get up and going to be successful. I want to be successful; so I get up.


My body is shaking, I'm miserable, I cannot live another minute! This needs to end NOW. So I shoot up some drugs. Ahhhhh. Relief. Happiness.

On the Other hand:

My body is shaking, I'm miserable, I cannot live another minute! But I must hold this withdraw out!!! I cannot let this drug rule my life. I need to be in control to be happy.


He's hot. So we get it on. Happy.

On the other hand:

He's hot. But not my type. I'm waiting for a lasting relationship. Happy.


This goes on for EVERY decision we have and and will ever make in our lives. It's the whole reason why I have a bigger stomach than I would like, because chocolate makes me happy in the moment and I'm not willing to forfeit it for a nicer body (which would, in reality, make me much happier).

So people, this is why we have morals, goals, and dreams. It's to keep our "I want this NOW" in check. One of my favorite quotes are "Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now"

On the other hand:

This is why we don't judge others. In that moment they weren't thinking; "Man, this is going to be a really dumb decision". No, they are thinking; "this will make me happier". After all isn't that what we are all striving for? This is also why we don't look back in our own lives and regret. We move forward, press on, and fix our "happiness gauge". We can give others the benefit of the doubt and forgive. We can forgive and learn what really makes us happy, not for a moment, but forever. 

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