Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Tree Murder

Christmas time for a young family is exciting; traditions can be changed, created, and molded into what they want the Christmas experience to be. My husband and I decided that to create more family unity and memories that we would go into the mountains and find our own Christmas Tree every year.

Our first year doing this, I was so excited for the start of a new tradition. However, that excitement soon turned into guilt.

In my anticipation I posted on Facebook "Going into the wilderness today to cut down a Christmas tree". Almost immediately someone responded "A tree has to die for your Christmas?" All my breath went out of me. I was shocked, stunned, hurt, and confused.

I didn't see the post until I got home. Murdered tree and all. This particular person that posted this remark had the reputation for posting remarks that got under peoples skin. Especially mine. However this post made me really ponder about the meaning of the Christmas tree, and if she was right; did I murder a tree?

After some research and deep reflection, I concluded that tree represented the sacrifice the Savoir made for the world. The tree lived, that it may be sacrificed for a beautiful purpose; none more important than to bring us closer to our Lord and Savior.

Two days ago my husband knelt on the snowy ground and placed the blade at the trunk of the chosen tree. Tears filled my eyes as a quietly whispered "thank you for your sacrifice".


  1. I've never thought of that before. We just went to the tree farm and cut the tree down because it was growing for that purpose. I'd hate to think we would have to not cut trees down to build houses and make paper and all the other purposes God put trees on earth for us to enjoy...besides the beauty of the evergreen. Today I think you must be part Indian. Just thank God we have trees.
    Love, Mommy

  2. I'm not all Pocahontas about all Christmas trees. Just the massive ones! I mean, they did all that work to get so tall! It's like taking a wild and beautiful stallion from the rolling hills of the wilderness just to kill it and eat it for a fancy dinner, as a side dish even. Just for the sport of it. See that's different than humanly killing a cow that was raised for beef. I don't know if I'm making any sense, maybe there is no sense to be made! But the point is that I like this post of yours and I think you make a beautiful point. :)