Saturday, May 23, 2015

Eli's 2nd Birthday

Eli turned two. Can you believe it?

We had a family birthday party on his birthday which happened to be Mothers Day and is also his grandpa's birthday.

My mom was coming into town later that week so I had planned another party so my mom could take part in it. I invited tons of friends and some family (since he already had his "family birthday party") Well no friends ended up coming, so we had 2 family birthday parties, LOL. But we had a blast nevertheless.

At age two Eli is very active. His motor skills are very advanced. He can already climb the ladders in the playgrounds. He is obsessed about trains, trucks, cars, and tractors, but mostly trains. He can put the tracks together and hook all the train parts up by himself. He just got a new train-set that is magnetic and he knows to orient them to the right polarity. Very smart boy. 

His gives the sweetest hugs. Everyone feels so loved by him. People are delighted by his curly blonde hair and dimples. I get comments almost everyday about his hair, dimples, and people always ask me "Is he always this happy?". 

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