Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Eli, 18 months

I remember when Eli was a newborn. I was exhausted. Period. I remember when I made it a week. It was a huge accomplishment for me. I was exclusively pumping and it was soooooooo exhausting. Six weeks was my biggest accomplishment because that was my goal to feed Eli breast milk. Formula was a lifesaver (thank you formula science people). Eli never slept for longer than 3 hours until he was probably 4 months old. By then I threw in the towel and just let him sleep with us.

Now he's 18 months! Where has the time gone? He now sleeps in his own bed all night, every night. He is the cutest kid EVER. I think that because I'm getting more sleep I'm enjoying this stage a lot! I dread every moment that passes because I know that I'll never get it back again. I'm trying to savor the moment as much as possible. (side-note: And can I just stay that I LOVE being a stay at home mom!!! I am so grateful that Logan has a job that can support us.) I get compliments about Eli being the best looking toddler. I'm biased but evidently some people tend to think he's adorable too.

Some things about Eli: 

  1. His head circumference used to be in the 95th percentile (reason for my C-Section), now it's gone down to the 86th. Progress people, progress.
  2. This boy is obsessed with cars. He even makes car noises when he drives his matchbox cars all over the couches, my leg, the walls, wherever. 
  3. He loves to dance
  4. He loves Baby Einstein and Teletubies 
  5. His first word was Dog, pronounced "da!" He's been saying that since he was a year old and really hasn't expanded his vocabulary much. 
  6. He can sign: please, milk, hungry, wave bye bye, blow kisses, make the "I don't know" hand expression, high five, and fist pound.
  7. Every time daddy comes home he sprints to me and "hides" and laughs so hard. He gets so excited to play with daddy.
  8. He loves to play outside. He's a master at going down slides in all directions.
  9. The thing he loves the most is watching me cook. He will push me away from the counter until I pick him up. I've become quite good at cooking with one hand. 
  10. He's so happy.
  11. He plays great with other kids. 
  12. His curly hair and dimples can make anyone melt. 
  13. Every morning when I get him out of bed he hands me his binkie, then jumps up and down. Once he's done jumping then I can get him out of bed. 
  14. He loves shoes, and loves to reorganize them (anything really, (he gets that from his daddy)
  15. When he hears the train going by town he makes a Vmmmm Vmmmm noise until he can't hear it anymore. I'm still trying to teach him Chooo Chooo. But maybe he's right, maybe it does sound more like vmmmmm.

There are 100 more things I could say. And I'm sure when I read this later on I'll think "oh, I should have recorded that!"
oh well.

Lets take a journey of the last 18 months and see how this little angel has grown:

He's just so fun. I love him!


  1. I love him so much, too. He cracks me up! So full of energy. He is a happy little guy. I think he feels the love. I love how he folds his arms to pray, and says "en. He is a sponge. So innocent as he felt my legs because I had tights on and he wanted to know how they felt...and my soft sweater as his little hands felt me all over to feel the softness. Wish I could see him more often. Love you little guy, Grammy

  2. He really is soo cute. I've always thought that. He's going to be a heart breaker for sure! But I'm not surprised, you guys are a good looking couple so of course you're kids will be too. :)