Thursday, April 10, 2014

Logan's 30th Birthday Party

Yesterday my husband Logan turned the big 30.  He specifically told me that he didn't want a party - but I ignored that :) he he he. I am a terrible liar, but somehow I threw him a successful surprise party.
"Uhhh. What is on the ceiling?"

"Hey, that's my nephew. What is he doing here?"


I handed him a bag of chicken and told him to go cook it. He gave me strange look. Outside, was his present, a BBQ Grill.

While dinner was on the Barbie we played and smacked at the pinata.

This is probably my new favorite picture. It's just perfect.


...And some other stuff

My son Eli likes to help me with everything lately. It is so cute. He is so proud of himself that he can help me with the laundry. He pulls it off the couch, places it on the floor, and picks it up over and over again.

Why are the pictures sideways? It isn't sideways anywhere else. Hmmm. Well, he's still cute.

This last weekend we went to my sister Dawnettes house in Logan, UT. Look at how mature I am. Don't I look comfortable?


  1. That's so fun! And you look awesome in that tree haha

  2. Haha. You got a piñata?! Awesome wife award. And it was even a basket ball. Love Logan's surprised face haha