Monday, March 24, 2014

Oil and Gas Goes a Long Way

I grew up riding dirt bikes. My dad always taught us to check the oil, check the gas, turn the little doohooper under the thingaling, so on and so forth. One day my older brother took out our 250 and forgot to check the oil. (who really checks the oil every time???). He came back with a very broken bike. A dead bike in fact. He tried taking it apart and fixing it, but it ended up in the dump.

So here's an interesting photo:

Here is another interesting one:

 What do these have in Common? Well that's easy, they are all bad ideas. We all know why. Engines need oil to be lubricated enough to run, and they need the right type of fuel to get them to run.

Why then....

Are our bodies any different? 

We all know that it's all just chemistry. Food has chemicals our body needs to function correctly. So why are we dumping "pee and sugar into our engines???" If we know its not good for our cars, why do we do it to ourselves? Isn't it interesting that we only feed our babies the BEST of the BEST. We also only feed our pets what is good for them. Would you ever feed your dog what you eat and drink everyday? Heck no, why? Because you don't want to clean up their diarrhea. 


Water is the oil in our bodies. It is the lubricator. It helps everything run smoothly. Isn't it interesting that my brothers motorcycle had plenty of gas but it still died because it had no oil? The same thing is with humans. We can go without food for a while, but we could never last without water. Do you know any healthy people? Of course. Ask them about their water consumption. I think water is the secret ingredient.

In conclusion, You are worth it. I am too. Lets fuel our bodies better.

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