Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Walk Short Lived

Ahhh. It looked so beautiful outside today that I decided to take Eli for a walk. I thought that we should go around the neighborhood and stop by the park.

I put Eli in a swing and he laughed.
We swang together (is swang a word?).
Then I decided it would be fun to go down the slide together.
We got to the top, mounted the slide, bombs away!
It all went well until...
Do you see it???
I didn't.
Water. A big puddle of it. Now on my...

bum. It was cold people. But worse. I have to walk home now. So instead of letting all the kids who are currently walking home from school assume I just peed my pants I hid it under my coat.

 It was nice weather outside, but not that nice.
Once home I realized that I wasn't the only victim.

On another note, if your missing a hubcap there is one on the corner of Locust and Milton. Your Welcome.

1 comment:

  1. haha the hub cap.
    This post reminds me of when we got soaking wet at the park on purpose. Good times Dayna :)