Monday, March 3, 2014


On Friday Logan and I went on a date, as we try to do every week. We ate at a local Steak House and then failed to make it in time for a movie, so we went to the mall.

(By the way that's no Logan in the background, but its still the same meal he had. Mm mm good)
We walked around and accomplished nothing, but it was still good to be together just the two of us.

On the way home we were listening to the radio and I heard the Question "If you had to relate your marriage to any sport what would it be?" Immediately I thought "Curling". The DJ's on the radio read some peoples responses like baseball and tennis and had a good laugh for the reasons why. 

I've never even curled, played curling (whatever it would be called). It's always been a sport to make fun of really. I wish I had a more exciting sport to relate my marriage to. Like sky diving, surfing, rock climbing, or anything other than curling! But it is what it is, my marriage is curling. I couldn't get the imagery out of my head, it really was the perfect match for our marriage. If any thing in my life is strong and stable its our marriage. All of you who know me know that I am somewhat random, immature at times, and I like to be spontaneous. My other half smooths all that over. We seem to have the same goals and we work together. We may have disagreements but we work through it. We are on the same team, not opposites. The solid ice and stone curling iron is a reflection of that. 

 I was curious to what Logan would relate our marriage to. He is a big sports guy. You know those guys that are good at everything they do? that's Logan. If I have been playing a sport for years and he has never tried it, he will out do me his first try. Not fair people! Why, the other day we played ping pong and I made him play with his left hand and hold the paddle weird and he still beat me!

(by the way...he still hasn't beat me at swimming. I always win by a hair. So I make sure we swim as often as we can so I can humble him a little bit)

 I asked Logan later that night what sport he thought our marriage related to. I never told him my response. He sat there for a moment thinking the question over, then he responded, curling! I literally jumped out of my seat. I was beyond surprised that this adrenaline-junkie-husband-of-mine would pick such a sport.

Logan's favorite thing is the world is to jump out of a perfectly good airplane
Of all the sports he picked the same as I did! I wasn't crazy after all, we really are a curling couple. I asked for his reasons why. He stated that sometimes I was the one with the broom and sometimes he was. That we push each other along when the other gets tired.

Honeymoon at the Bahamas

Mountain biking at City of the Rocks, ID

Hiking Angels Landing Zions Nat Park

Logan being ridiculously crazy. Palisades, ID

Backpacking Palisades Lakes, ID

On the coast in So CA

X-Country Skiing Harriman St Park, ID

Elk Refuge Jackson Hole, WY

Excited dad, passed out mom, and new baby Eli

Its been a good 5ish years. I'm excited for forever.

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  1. I don't even know what curling is other than that they use those tools to play it... but that is hilarious that you both said that! hahaha! And all those photos are fun to look at- you two have done so much outdoors activities and I am jealous