Saturday, August 30, 2014

To all those who Hate the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

There are 3 main reasons that I have heard why people do not like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:

1. There is too much attention and money being raised for a disease that hardly effects the population. We need to focus our attention and money on diseases that effect more of us.

There have been many diseases that we have, or almost have, eradicated that didn't effect many people. However they were TERRIBLE deaths. Painful, humiliating, horrifying. Take Tetanus for example. We've all gotten our shots for it, but do you know what it is? The muscles tense up and never release again. The person gets "frozen". It's aweful. It's also called "lock jaw" because that's one of the last muscles to freeze up before the lungs and heart go out. Take a look at this picture, it awful. 

ALS is just the opposite. Instead of muscles contracting, they stop working. But it's still one of the worst ways to go. Researchers have NO CLUE how to fix it. These people need some hope.  Other sicknesses are at least somewhat treatable.

2. I'm Pro-Life and don't support anything that uses Stem Cell research.

Stem Cell Research involves embryos that are needed to extract stem cells to research them. What are stem cells? They are amazing cells that have the ability to turn into anything. They will revolutionize the medical field. With that said, if you won't support ALS because this, then you can't support anything. Almost ALL diseases are using stem cell research right now. 
"...research involving human pluripotent stem cells...promises new treatments and possible cures for many debilitating diseases and injuries, including Parkinson's disease, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, burns and spinal cord injuries."
And just so you know, a lot of the embryos that are used are the failed embryos of In Vitro Fertilization. They Fertilize mommy's eggs with daddy's sperm in the petri dish. They take the best likely to survive in the womb the rest they used to just throw away. Now they can be used to better the understanding of how the body works. i.e. Australia reports having 70,000 unused embryos from IVF.

Here is a link to different religions and their stance on Stem Cell Research:

3. It's dumb

Whether you think the entire idea has gone too far, or if you think it's a waist of water; you have to admit one thing -It was a success. Do you know how this whole movement started? Watch this: (it is amazing). Pete Frates didn't imagine it would take off like this. It just did. Think about what we, as a society, have to learn from this. Other fundraisers for other ailments will be more successful because they now know some new techniques on how to get the American people to act. It is a success for everyone. 



  1. I agree whole heartedly!! As a mother of an amazing son with Type 1 Diabetes I use to cling o the hope that stem cell research or anything would better his life or rid him of the disease all together. He is now in a class his doctors refers to as "The ones that will out run it!!" He has been on an insulin pump I fought tooth and nail for after he was diagnosed because a girl on rounds at the hospital had just received one on a trial and took the time to talk to us about how amazing it was and how much it impacted her life. I knew he needed that and it has improved his quality of life it makes him a survivor before the disease ever gets a chance to take his life a limb at a time or an organ at a time. I use to be angry that other diseases got more publicity because some stars kid had it or it was considered more tragic than what my son had but now I feel we all need to have hope. My son was lucky and research is still moving on there may very well be a "cure" in his life time but if not his disease doesn't get to impact his lifespan as long as he takes care of himself. I don't care how you do it the fact is nothing lost out weighs the gains of new research efforts even if they fail because they are trying and they are giving that life saving hope not just to the person with the disease but to the family and friends that are impacted as well. We all need to look outside our bubbles once in awhile and realize just because it hasn't affected us doesn't mean it won't and when you are poking your babies fingers in the middle of the night 8 to 10 times a day and his finger tips are so sore and bruised all you want is some hope this will end and he will get some relief in whatever form that may come at that point it is welcomed!! Until you've been there don't judge and pray you never have to walk a mile in their shoes!!