Monday, August 11, 2014

17 Miles of Bliss

My friend Cozeth and I love nature and athletic things. She is my outdoorsie friend. You don't find many girls like that, so we appreciate each other. My Nephew, Tanner (who is living with us this summer), came with us on this adventure. We went on a "shorter" day hike that turned into a very long day hike. I thought that we were just going to be doing about 8 miles and packed accordingly.  Thankfully we came prepared with a water filter and rain coats... but unfortunately not enough food. Our energy levels were wavering the last half of the hike. 

We started out hiking near the trail head to go to table rock/mountain. We hiked on the Teton Valley trail, up Devils Stairs. That was where we intended to stop and turn around, however curiosity pushed us even further. Once so far we decided that because we have gone so far, instead of going back the way we came we should just do a loop. Enjoy me scenery right? Ha ha. It would have been a perfect backpacking trip, too bad it wasn't. I'm still glad we did do the loop though. Even though it was exhausting it was worth it very much so. Here is a map I put together. Maybe this will give you an idea on how much ground we covered in one day.

Now for the Photo Dump. I didn't want to pack my big DSLR so these are just phone pictures. Ohhh my was it gorgeous! My nephew Tanner kept telling me how hhe's never seen so many flowers in his life. The "prairies" should be renamed "natures garden". It was fantastic.

This was on our way back. It rained good. It was kind of a nice cool down.

The dogs were whimpering, Apparently they didn't like the rain.

This area was at the furthest point of our hike. It is called The Alaskan Basin (note: not in alaska). I want to backpack here one day.

My nephew Tanner and I (and Chloe and Titus, my dogs)

My friend Cozeth, She's awesome

I had to post one embarrassing picture of myself :)

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  1. So beautiful!! I'm jealous of those flowers! I would have probably died on this hike however haha