Monday, May 12, 2014

Eli Turned ONE

For Eli's birthday I wanted to do it at this park in the middle of nowhere. I've always drove passed that park and visualized a awesome party with those whom I love. Volleyball nets, basketball hopes, so much grass, and a huge BBQ pit, and it's in the country to boot. Then I watched the weather reports. It started out OK, then just worse as the day got closer. The night before I called the church to see if we could reserve it just in case. Taken. SO the only option was my tiny, cute, but still very tiny, house. It was really crammed, but I think we all still had a good time. (But I still wish I could have used that park!)

This picture is sideways

Why is this picture sideways?




Getting ready to eat some CAKE

He just wanted to play with his tractor

It looks like poopie water, but its all chocolate

Where did time go? Is his whole life going to go by this quickly? What amazes me most is that Eli has grown and developed practically on his own. Yes, I feed him and played with him, but I never taught him how to crawl, or use his fingers delicately while picking up his food, and many other things. He surprises me everyday with a new ability.


  1. So cute! And I hate the weather- it rarely cooperates! Even for June's 1st birthday in the dry heat of July it rained out her party! So lame!

  2. We were there too but not in any pics. Was a fun day for our cute little grandson. We was tuckered out at the end of the day!